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Trailing Edge Grid Mounted Slider Dimmer Unit 400VA

Designed specifically for use with dimmable LED lamps and can directly replace aging leading edge technology dimmer units (used with old tungsten lamps) or be fitted to a new grid mounting system with one of the included adaptor plates.

Grid Slider

Especially designed for use with dimmable LED lamps and will dim lighting loads as low as 2Watts.  This dimmer unit will control lighting circuits with nominal voltage supply of 220-240 volts or will control extra low voltage dimmable electronic transformers. Suitable for use with dimmable LED lamps, tungsten lamps, mains or low voltage Halogen lamps but not suitable for use with florescent lamps or wire wound toroidal transformers. 

Adaptor Plates

The casing body will require a 35mm deep grid mounting system back box but for a multiple installation with clusters of circuits, a 47mm deep back box would be recommended to help with the installation.  Supplied complete with three adaptor plates and M2.5 fixing screws to enable fitment to MK Gridswitch or GridPlus Systems, Crabtree Grid Systems or DETA Grid Systems.


Soft start up to prolong lamp life and dimmer unit electronics.

Total 220-240v 50Hz load - LED lamps 200Watts / Tungsten 400Watts / Halogen 350Watts.

Total input load for separated extra low voltage (SELV) electronic transformer - 400VA.

Push on-off control button at any sliding position of brightness.

Short circuit and overload detection facility which will safely turn off dimmer unit.

Trailing edge technology will function satisfactorily with loads as low as 2Watts.

Silent in operation with virtually no electromagnetic emittance.

Will operate as part of a two way lighting circuit (duplicate dummy on-off switch available separately).

Conforms to BS EN 55015 : 2006 EMC and BS EN 60669-2-1 : 2004 standards.

Two year guarantee.

For any further technical assistance, prices or delivery details, please call our help line or drop me an email on our  Contact  page.

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