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Grid Mounted 1-10 Volt Analogue Sliding Control Unit

Designed specifically for use with electronic ballasts to control dimmable fluorescent lighting.  Can be fitted to a variety of grid mounting systems using one of the included mounting adaptor plates.

1-10v control

The sliding control unit will manage the auxiliary 1 to 10 volt control signal generated by the electronic ballast/s to energize the dimmable fluorescent lamps accordingly.  This control unit is not mains dependent and the 220-240 volt supply to the electronic ballast/s will require a separate on-off functional switch. Duplicate styled grid mounted on-off switches are available separately.

Adaptor Plates

The casing body will require a 35mm deep grid mounting system back box but for a multiple installation with clusters of circuits, a 47mm deep back box would be recommended to help with the installation.  Supplied complete with three adaptor plates and M2.5 fixing screws to enable fitment to MK Gridswitch or GridPlus Systems, Crabtree Grid Systems or DETA Grid Systems.


Adjustment facility for setting maximum and minimum light levels after loading connections of ballast/s.

The controlling signal may be connected in parallel to all ballasts and operated by a single 1-10 volt control unit (Max 50 ballasts).

Several control units can be mounted onto a single multiple grid system.

Two year guarantee.

For any further technical assistance, prices or delivery details, please call our help line or drop me an email on our  Contact  page.

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