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Fault Finding and Repair

From a dead socket outlet to a complete system failure, LNE Control can investigate electrical faults or unusual operating problems and rectify the installation or improve the circuit functions.


Whether you have an annoying intermittent electrical fault or a head scratching RCD nuisance tripping issue, LNE Control will investigate thoroughly to uncover the cause of the problem once and for all, while offering advice and guidance to rectify the matter.

Replacing a cold faulty electric shower or converting to LED lighting, damaged equipment repair or required regulation upgrades.  LNE Control will repair or replace from a single light switch to a whole failed circuit with equal diligence and professionalism as I am convinced - quality work ensures future work.


So don't just put up with that nuisance PIR switching your lights on-off all night long, pick up the phone or drop me a line on the  Contact  page.

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