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Electrical System Design

Should you have just an outline idea or a full specification of requirements, LNE Control can develop complete installation designs from domestic minor alterations to commercial refitting.


Start with a good design and everything else falls into place.  It doesn't have to be an all singing all dancing Auto CAD layout drawing either (which I could provide), but a little investment in time and effort at the initial ideas and design stage will reap benefits by not having to force or repeatedly amend poor ideas and designs to work later on.  Furthermore, a good forward thinking electrical installation design can accommodate future extensions or growth in business capacities, not just keep you going for now.

With a personal working knowledge of other trades involved within the building services sector,  LNE Control will produce a workable design which can be installed with the minimum amount of intrusion into other fitted systems or disturbance to finished structures with decoration.

Designing your own fitted kitchen or bathroom yourself with apps or using the services of an

in-store designer is great and very satisfying, but at some point, electrical circuits or outlets will need to be moved or increased to gain the most flexibility of all the new appliances.   With Building Regulation P applying to domestic electrical installations, perhaps some guidance or input could help direct your design in the most appropriate direction.  

Have a question or query?  Pick up the phone or drop me a line on the  Contact  page.

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